A Loe Song for the Skin

Cosmeto-fluids have been the magic formula of the Douces Angevines for over 25 years. Genuine plant light concentrates, they soften, balance and nourish the skin.Who are they? A subtle synergy of macerated flowers and fresh plants, fine vegetable oils, sacred resins and precious essential oils.There are no unnecessary ingredients. Each bottle contains 100% of plants and active substances that provide a great skin care experience.

Vegetable & natural 100% fluids

The plant totum

We work with plants in their integrity. Our vegetable oils and essential oils are pure and unprocessed. Each plant delivers its plant totum, that means all its active and useful molecules.

In each container

100% vegetable & natural fluids, with the highest possible concentration of organic ingredients: from 95 to 100% of the composition.

Extremely rich in plants and flowers - no water base, 20 plants per fluid on average (and nearly 40 plants for the Divine range). No additives are used to dilute the formula.

Sensory and evanescent - with their ultra-thin and soft texture, they absorb into the skin without any greasy effect, leaving the skin soft, velvety and comfortable.

A few drops are enough to make your skin glow, allowing an accurate and long-lasting use of your bottle.

pure and unprocessed vegetable oils and essential oils

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