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Find out why our care and beauty fluids are different from a traditional cream.

1. Because it's infinitely more concentrated

In a cream, even organic, there is water, a lot of water. A cosmeto-fluid is 100% of pure plant extracts. It is therefore:

100% of delicious active ingredients for the skin and an extreme richness in plants and flowers: 20 plants per fluid on average and more than 40 for the intense face line.

Economical: a few drops are enough to satisfy your skin

2. Because the fluid texture is ideal

No need for “consistency factors” essential in creams, nor for occlusive waxes. Soft and sensual, the fluids melt into the skin without leaving a greasy film, and are perfectly assimilated, thanks to their resemblance to human sebum. Your skin breathes, it doesn't feel clogged.

3. Because they contain no preservatives, even natural ones

Thanks to their antiseptic properties, the fluids are self-preserving, no need for additives, even natural ones!

Give your skin a taste of this “menu” of happiness with the Discovery doses: satisfied and reimbursed!

The use of essential oils in cosmetics requires very specific expertise from the manufacturer. In the range of Douces Angevines, we advise, as a precaution, pregnant women to avoid the following products, even if they are not composed solely of essential oils:

  • Gazelle, the body silhouette product, but we understand that thinness is not the priority in this privileged period.
  • Acrobate, Baume de l’Himalaya, Bois d’Amyris, Lotion d’Achille, Lotion Timoustic,

The other products can be used, following the instructions given on the bottle or the catalog or on the product sheet of the store. Some of our fluids are even allies during this period: Baume de Diane will help prevent stretch marks on the chest and hips, Amour aux 3 Oranges or La Fée Noisette will soften and soften your skin.

All of our products are ready to use on the skin. Cosmeto-fluids have a complex and harmonious composition, useless and even a shame to add something to it or to superimpose a cream on it.

The dosage is simple: a few drops (3 to 5 drops) in the palm of your hand, to distribute in light massage on your face and your neck (see indications on the bottle, the catalog or on the product sheet of the shop). You can, depending on your habits, make up a few minutes after applying the cosmeto-fluid.

You can use our facials without risk. Regarding body care, avoid exposing yourself just after applying Amour aux 3 Oranges, since it contains several citrus essential oils in fairly large proportions, which can react to the sun.

Summer will prepare your skin for the sun but does not protect against radiation and therefore does not dispense with the use of sun protection.

After the Sun refreshes and soothes the skin. Avoid exposing yourself to the sun immediately after application: the macerate of St. John's Wort which enriches After the Sun, is a famous anti-inflammatory, but it can, conversely, increase the effect of the sun's rays.

At night the skin regenerates, it needs to breathe, which a classic cream does not allow. Cosmeto-fluids are companions of the skin, they do not replace its natural functions, and allow it to breathe.

Over the years, the functions of elimination and regeneration are less active, and the Douces Angevines night care, invaluable allies of the skin, will naturally stimulate these self-regulating processes of the skin.

The Body Fluids can be used daily, and do not hesitate to apply them in patchwork! For example, Baume de Diane for the bust, Bois d'Amyris to keep legs feeling light all day, and l'Idéale to supplement and be well nourished from head to toe. The scents of the different fluids are completely compatible, and the blends reveal beautiful olfactory synergies. This does not prevent the application of an eau de toilette or a perfume.

Depending on the desired action, you can in some cases layer facial treatments: The Précise purifying treatment can be used locally on the T-zone or on intersections, and you can then apply your day care (Aube d'été, Flamenca or Maravilia). You can proceed in the same way with Eglantine on areas that are extremely dry.

The Précise treatment can be used by teenagers on oily areas with imperfections (face, décolleté, etc.). As a complement for a purifying treatment, 3 to 4 drops of Précise can be incorporated into the Opaline mask, to be applied once a week.

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