picking echinacea in the beauty garden

The beauty garden

Our plants are cultivated in a medieval garden, where the hortus and the herbularius (vegetable and medicinal plants) grow together. This wonderful and abundant garden is the Douces Angevines' heart and soul.

Michele Cros in the beauty garden

A true living and magical herbarium!

We pick Verbena, Fragrant Roses, White Sage, Echinacea... Each manual harvest is brought directly to our laboratory for a fresh and energetic treatment. A large variety of plants allows several harvests per year.

Permaculture and harmony of rhythms

Through permaculture and biodynamics, we give nature the ideal conditions to flourish, by intervening the less possible. (we use compost, we cure plants with plants...). In the harmony of rhythms, in connection with the lunar cycles and the seasons, we take care of our garden, in a complicity with the spirits of nature.

"Flowers and trees are my friends, I talk to them. Some of them replies to me and their help is precious. This is how I know that I am working with a living material, in a mutual love and the product that is born of it testifies and spreads this love in its turn."

Michele Cros

The origins of our plants and flowers

40% of our plants come from our garden. The most vulnerable plants grow there: Roses from Provins and Roses from Damascus, Wild Violets, Echinacea, Hyssop,

20% of plants such as St. John's wort, Ash tree, Lavender of Corbières, come from wild pickings practiced with care and respect in preserved places.

40% of our vegetable oils, essential oils and dried plants come from local producers in Anjou and other parts of France. We take care of fair trade, solidarity and the ethical sourcing of oils from other countries.

our plants from our gardens

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