Dynamization process


Inherited from a very ancient knowledge, dynamization carries a loving intention for your skin. As a messenger of the sensitive world, it weaves a bond between you and the spirits of nature.

Manual dynamization process

Plant alchemy & sacred chants

The Douces Angevines' signature. It impregnates each of our products. Not a bottle leaves our laboratory without having received this magic.

The dynamization of each product begins with a manual stirring. In an inner state of peace and open-mindedness, grounded to the earth, we listen to the spirit of the plants assembled in the luminous blend.
Every day we sing as we work. Marvelous, deep, shamanic sounds and intuitive chants rise up in our workshop-laboratory.

These songs awaken the vibratory signature of each plant and the quintessence that represents the harmony of all these plant extracts gathered together.

This process honors the beauty garden, the spirit of the plants and you, who will receive this product as a gift from the fairies.

No machine is involved in this extraordinary moment that we call "dynamization". Only the hands, the open heart and the spirit of the plants are employed.

This revitalized energy significantly increases the potential and effectiveness of our treatments. The skin feels subtly loved and the entire beauty garden whispers to you from every bottle.


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