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The laboratory workshop

The workshop-laboratory is an open space in the garden from where sweet scents and songs arise. Through its windows, you can hear the birds singing and the wind blowing. Step into our workshop and discover its secrets...

Filtrations in the Douces Angevines laboratory

Picking and wild plants

We process the garden's pickings into macerates for fresh and active care. We also pick wild plants with respect, in preserved places.

We do everything on the spot

From the conception of our products to their production, we do everything at home. No factories, no machines are involved in the process. We work manually and from the heart, with a clear conscience. We create small series of products to offer fresh care to your skin.


Every day we sing along to the treatments. These songs enhance the vibratory signature of each plant. It is a loving intention for your skin, a connection between you and the spirits of nature.

Discover dynamization

Uncompromising quality

We are subjected to the same regulations as the major laboratories. We work with pharmacists and toxicologists. All our products are submitted to safety tests, which highlight their exceptional dermatological tolerance.

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The laboratory workshop of Douces Angevines


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Uncompromising quality

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