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With our purifying, relaxing or radiance-enhancing facial treatments, your skin tone will gently brighten and you will regain a deep sense of well-being. The serene and fresh look of your skin becomes finally the ultimate reflection of your soul.

La Rose, pétale contre pétale®

Inspired by the techniques of reflexology and Dien Chan, this treatment illuminates your complexion, sublimates your face while harmonizing the body and the heart. The Rose guides you throughout this treatment with its delicate and enveloping scent. Its regenerating virtues combined with the subtle reflexology maneuvers, offer a deep soothing effect, smoothe out your features and invigorate your skin.

Thé Blanc Fleurs bleues®

Dive into the tenderness and generosity of the Beauty Garden ! A relaxing massage for the neck and shoulders. Face wrap with Beauty Tea or Purifying Infusion (depending on your skin type), scrub powder with plants and cereals, aromatic face modeling, warm purifying and oxygenating mask, foot or hand modeling, then application of the care adapted to your skin and eye contour.

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Herbes et Fleurs du Jardin à fleur de peau®

This treatment is based on ancestral practices using “handfuls” of herbs and flowers from the garden.

Relaxing massage of the back, neck and shoulders with citrus scents. A facial treatment using the Coup d'Eclat or Grande Douceur herbal handfuls (depending on your skin type). Invigorating flower scrub. Face and scalp modeling. Warm regenerating mask with feet, legs, arms and hands modeling. Face wrap with thermal cloths. Treatment of the eye contour, lips and face care adapted to your skin. Your face will regain its radiance and your body will relax.


" Do not ever forget that you are a queen!"

Prelude to the treatment: well-being ritual for your feet, with a warm herbal infusion. Relaxing citrus modeling of the back and neck, with tissue stimulation. At the heart of the treatment: revival of the facial skin tone. Floral scrub, massage with hot herbal handfuls. Sensory modeling of the face, neckline and scalp. Divine mask, radiance of the complexion with application of firming care for the bust and stomach. Application of Maravilia or Magnifica intense fluid and Lia, eye and lip contour care.

Nuori, soin des peaux jeunes

Immergez-vous dans la douceur et la générosité du Jardin de Beauté.
Ce soin vous propose un nettoyage profond de la peau afin de la purifier, d’unifier le teint. C’est aussi un temps priviligié pour aider à la détente et favoriser une respiration ample afin de relâcher les tensions.

 Jardin des Simples en hiver


Recevez la douceur et la protection du jardin de beauté. Modelage du décolleté, des épaules aux senteurs réchauffantes. Enveloppement du visage à la Tisane des Hautes Terres, gommage tout en douceur, modelage onctueux, masque tiède apaisant, bain aromatique pour les pieds, modelage des mains puis application du soin du visage réconfortant et du contour des yeux..

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Douces Angevines facial treatments are performed by qualified beauticians trained in our product line and our signature treatments. These treatments are personalized and emphasize the delicacy of manual touch without the use of intrusive equipment.
Find beauticians and partner institutes practicing Douces Angevines treatments in the “Where to find us part“.

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