Step 1: The Berber hair mask

Son action : il nourrit, équilibre et renforce la chevelure. Il freine la chute de cheveux et favorise les conditions de la repousse. Il encourage la disparition des pellicules et un cuir chevelu sain.

It is recommended to use it before each shampoo when the hair is damaged or once every 10 days for a long period of time.

The right gesture: apply a few drops on the scalp and the lengths. Massage the scalp with your fingertips, gently moving the scalp. Leave on for 20 minutes to overnight. Rinse with your usual shampoo.

Its plant friends :

  • Rosemary purifying, regenerating, toning
  • Vegetable oils of castor, jojoba and olive which nourish and balance the scalp
  • Une synergie d’huiles essentielles de Cèdre de l’Atlas, Ylang-Ylang, Cumin stimule la micro-circulation et l’oxygénation du bulbe capillaire. Renforce et apporte de la brillance

Step 2: Au bord de la Rivière solid shampoo, or its liquid version, enriched with Aloe Vera

Its action: it gently cleanses, strengthens the hair, brings shine and purifies the scalp without drying it out. Suitable for all hair types.

Use every 2-3 days or once a week, depending on how quickly your hair re-greases. Moisten the shampoo bar and apply directly to wet scalp. You can also rub the shampoo between your hands and apply the foam to the scalp. Gently massage the foam into your scalp using your fingertips. Reminder: apply the shampoo only to the scalp and roots, not the lengths. Soapy water running down the lengths is enough to refresh them, so there's no need to soap them up and risk dehydrating them.

Its plant friends :

  • Vegetable oils of coconut, castor, olive and shea butter which give it a creamy foam and ensure effective cleaning without irritating or drying out
  • Une synergie subtile d’huiles essentielles de mandarine verte, pamplemousse et marjolaine pour tonifier, purifier et stimuler la pousse des cheveux.

Step 3: Alaric Lotion Conditioner

Son action : Il rééquilibre le pH naturel des cheveux après le shampooing, élimine le calcaire et resserre les écailles. Il diminue ainsi la porosité des cheveux, facilite le démêlage. Enfin, il apporte brillance et vigueur à la chevelure.

It is used: after the solid shampoo Along the river or with your usual shampoo, whether solid or not. Dilute 2 to 3 tablespoons in a bowl of warm water, pour over hair and rub gently. Wrap your hair in a towel for 3 to 5 minutes and style without rinsing.

Pour une action assainissante intense : utilisez la Alaric's Lotion pure directement en frictions sur le cuir chevelu et les longueurs. Laissez agir au moins 20 minutes puis rincez à l’eau claire.

Its plant friends :

  • Apple cider vinegar that restores the natural pH of the hair
  • Purifying, soothing, invigorating wild lavender
  • Sage and rosemary, to promote growth, cleanse and tone the scalp

Fairy tips for strong hair

If your ends are damaged and very dry, apply a few drops of the hair mask Berbère as a day care, without rinsing.

Summer on the beach, apply the hair mask Berbère all over the hair to protect the hair fiber from the sun's rays and salt water.

If you notice hair loss that seems excessive to you, consult your naturopath who can advise you on a suitable diet to avoid possible vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

If you have long hair braid it for the night to prevent damage and tangling.

Sleep on a vegan silk pillow that limits hair damage and dehydration overnight.

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