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We are now 9 people working together with Michèle Cros, the creator, to manufacture and distribute our beautiful range of cosmetics !Who are we ?Let us introduce ourselves.

Michele Cros the creator of Douces Angevines


Brand founder

One day, I decided to give up my job to start studying medicinal plants I've been attracted to since my childhood.

I became passionate about the search for knowledge of plants, based on current methods of study and documents that go back to the sources of the oldest traditions.

Thanks to all these experiences and encounters, I have definitively "plunged" my hands and my heart into the raw and pure plant material. Discreetly but tenderly welcomed by the green and gentle soil of Anjou, I put all my creativity at the service of living, raw products, bursting with active plant ingredients. Their efficiency in the skin's beauty is a treasure to be appreciated every day. This is how the Douces Angevines were born, almost 30 years ago!


Manufacturing manager and regulatory assistant

Along with Michèle, I take care of the production, prepare the macerations and manage the stocks of raw materials. I am also in charge of the certification and audits with Corinne.
My encounter with the Douces Angevines is a happy coincidence. I used to work as a pharmacy assistant but I've always dreamt of a manual work related to aromatherapy and phytotherapy. I contacted the Douces Angevines 9 years ago and I got lucky because their assistant was retiring at the same time!
Working at Douces Angevines is for me a chance to have a privileged daily contact with the plant world and its products. I appreciate working with respect for the pure and living materials, in consciousness, with the nature that I deeply love.

What is your favorite product?

The choice is extremely difficult because my preferences vary according to the seasons and my needs! At the moment, I particularly like the Flora balm which brings an immediate glow to my skin. Its fine and delicate scent puts me in a good mood to start my day! " Io what I am » for its deep and bewitching scent, which comforts me.
The scrub Lumière for its immediate healthy glow effect! It is magic!

Bérengère, member of Douces Angevines


Co manager

I am Michèle's husband. I joined the workshop in 2016 to help my wife with the administrative and financial aspects of the business. However, since versatility is a must in small businesses, I am very happy to be involved in communication matters. Also, "working" in a family project, with a deep meaning, on a human scale, is a privilege.

What is your favorite product?

L'Beard Oilbecause it has become more of a ritual than a beard oil, because I feel that after the shower, my whole face needs it. And because its butterfly ginger scent is really invigorating and energizing.

François - Douces Angevines Team
Frederic - Douces Angevines Team


In charge of management and supplies (containers, tags, and other materials...)

Having made my entire career in a multinational company, the choice of Les Douces Angevines was a radical change of environment for me. I found the versatility I was looking for in the work world, and above all a much more harmonious family life.

I thus found a good professional and family balance, and a very friendly team, even if the male gender is not in the majority ;-))

What is your favorite product?

Bois d’Amyris : allows me to energize my legs before a run and Acrobate for the next day, for its muscle recovery power as it increases circulation.


Communication Manager

It's been almost 15 years since I joined the team to make our products beautiful and our artwork reflect the soul of the Douces Angevines.

Beyond the family bond (being the daughter of the founder), Douces Angevines represents for me an authenticity, an integrity, a relationship with life and nature more than ever necessary in this time.

What is your favorite product?

I love the richness and diversity of all our products, each of them matches a need or desire of the moment.
If I really have to choose it will be Aube d’été, for its delicacy, texture, light and subtle fragrance which totally enchants me!

Julie - Sweet Angevines
Lucie - Douces Angevines team



I discovered the Douces Angevines brand through the press and at organic stores. Formerly a landscape gardener, I was in a period of professional conversion and I was looking for an opportunity to work in a human-scale structure that would allow me to keep a contact with plants, become closer to femininity, well-being and, if possible, to the organic world I was already attracted to. Les Douces Angevines met all these criteria.
It might have been a happy coincidence when I came to the company as they were planning to strengthen their team at that precise time. My background matched the profile they were looking for... After an internship period, I was lucky enough to get my very first full-time job.
Les Douces Angevines marked a turning point in my professional and personal life. They gave me the opportunity to put an end to a long period of precariousness rythmed by a succession of seasonal jobs and other fixed-term contracts. They improved the quality of my life and allowed me to finally start planning a more peaceful future.
Douces Angevines in a few words are for me: Renewal, Atypical, Diversity.

What is your favorite product?

With Rose Waterbecause I love its scent but above all it respects my very sensitive skin. After application, my skin is as soft as a baby's. Its nickname - "caress scrub" is just perfect! Fantômetteis the softest makeup remover I've ever known, no more burning sensations on the eyelids and other inconveniences. My faithful and soothing daily companion that I could not do without!


Commercial Director

It will soon be 15 years since I entered the Douces Angevines universe and thousands of kilometers I travelled to meet our retailers. 15 years of beautiful encounters and warm testimonies, learning how to choose the most suitable points of sale for our beautiful range of products. 15 years of passing on technical information and making my customers want to pass on the values of our products in their turn! I'm happy to be part of a brand that is in perfect harmony with my own values.

What is your favorite product?

Its very hard for me to choose my favorite product: Fantômette for its incredible efficiency, Aube d’été for its light, its cheerfulness, and its spring air, and Magnifica for the release it provides, I definitely can't choose!

Nathalie - Douces Angevines team
Sophie - Douces Angevines Team


Beautician trainer

I met Douces Angevines 20 years ago!
I was living in Morbihan, where I heard about the brand for the first time. The name, the method of manufacture issued from ancestral knowledge and the garden of Beauty made me immediately want to discover these famous fluids. I bought Aube d'Eté, le Baume de Diane and I literally fell for it!
Life took care of the rest of the story. My husband was transferred to Angers a few months later, and then I asked Michèle Cros if she would be willing to receive me. I just wanted to visit the studio and meet her in person.

Douces Angevines in a few words for me would be: authenticity, purity, pleasure of the senses.

What is your favorite product?

My addictions: Baume de Diane for its gentleness and sweetness
Gazelle for its tone, its momentum, Olea Antica for its divine scent, its finesse.

Deux commerciales complètent l'équipe :• Françoise Ledig en indépendante sur le 54, 67 et 68.• Véronique Delafosse sur Paris Ile de France et le 51.


Beautician in my own institute and independent commercial agent for departments 54, 67 and 68.

I first met Douces Angevines while looking for the most organic and pure brand possible for my beauty space, then I had the opportunity to work for the brand.
I love introducing professionals to the scents, textures and unique characteristics of the brand, and to beauticians in particular. They feel a little bit like magicians to be able to prepare masks, to make their potions to adapt their care to their clients. With Douces Angevines, they find their creativity to bring a personalized beauty. Thanks to Douces Angevines, I am delighted to see them evolve in their job.
I like working with Douces Angevines for the authenticity, the values, the independence, the quality of the products and the love of plants.

What is your favorite product?

My favorite product is Après le Soleil. Its velvety texture disarms me. Its smell carries me away and its repairing virtues are exceptional. I don't use it every day but it has become a summer and winter habit whenever my skin is in pain or needs more care than usual.

Contact  Françoise :

Françoise commerciale Douces Angevines
Veronique commerciale Douces Angevines Paris



Paris, Ile de France et 51

J’ai découvert Douces Angevines il y a 4 ans, je travaillais alors pour une enseigne Parisienne de cosmétique Bio. Le respect de la nature et de la vie sous toutes ses formes a toujours fait partie de mes préoccupations c’est la raison pour laquelle je suis tombée amoureuse de cette belle marque et que j’ai tout naturellement rejoint l’équipe pour m’occuper du suivi clients et développement commercial sur Paris, Ile de France.

What is your favorite product?

J’aime tous les Cosméto-fluides des Femmes Herboristes pour leurs compositions élaborées et subtiles, leurs textures fondantes et leurs essences addictives mais puisqu’il faut faire un choix ce sera Lia pour son incroyable efficacité : les rides des yeux et du contour des lèvres sont lissées, la peau retrouve douceur et éclat, les cernes colorées s’estompent et les poches sont atténuées sensiblement. Sans doute le meilleur soin contour des yeux & lèvres à mes yeux !

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