creation according to the moon and the sun

Harmony of Rhythms

The ancestral methods and know-how (choice of plants, macerations, digestions, concentrations) have always known how to use the sun, the moon, and human motion as natural chemical catalysts. The soft and slow macerations follow the rhythm of nature and through this respectful and tender work, the plants give the best of themselves.

solar macerations

Mystery of Macerates

They are the heart of the cosmeto-fluids. In a slow process of inspiration, fresh and dry plants from the garden or from the wild are infused in a gentle heat and are tenderly combined with oils. Non-violence is the key to a perfect fusion. The plant alchemy is carried out at daytime temperature to preserve the precious active ingredients.

The Art of Capturing Solar and Lunar Energies

Solar macerations use the Yang energy of the sun to revitalize. The formulas then rest in the dark to benefit from the Yin lunar forces that harmonize and complete the transformations. Your fluid transmits all the active force of life intact.

Plant macerates

A Harvest Between Earth & Sky

According to the principles updated by Biodynamics, the stars have an influence on the plants. We take this into account during cultivation and harvesting. The pickers choose the right moments in the cosmic cycles of nature, so that the part of the plant that is harvested and worked on is filled with its best energy.

DynamizationPlant alchemy & sacred chants

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