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Freyja organic face balm - Douces Angevines


Creamy protective balm

4 review(s)
Oléa antica organic anti-aging nourishing body fluid - Douces Angevines

Olea Antica

Balm of origins

1 review(s)
duo Baume visage onctueux nourrissant et baume à lèvres bio

Duo Freyja & Gioia

Duo Baume visage & Baume à lèvres

30 ml et 6 gr 46,50 
6 review(s)
Sit down, breathe organic scents and well-being box set - Douces Angevines

Set "Sit down, breathe"

Rituels harmonisants et protecteurs

Hozo 25 g Nour 25 g Himalaya 30 ml Pink salt 100g36,80 
3 review(s)
Douces Angevines gift card

35 euro gift card

beauty garden gift

Douces Angevines gift card

70 euro gift card

beauty garden gift

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gift bag box - Douces Angevines

Box-gift bag

Elegant and romantic case