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Clean your skin with Virginale lotion using a washable wipe or an organic cotton pad. It's important not to attack the skin's sebum glands with a harsh cleanser. Our Virginale gentle lotion or some lavender, rose and rosemary hydrosol will do the job.

Teenage acne: apply Précise fluid all over the face

If your acne is caused by stress, hormonal unbalance or the use of a mask - apply Précise fluid to areas likely to have blemishes. On the most dehydrated zones, prone to the first signs of aging, apply the Aube d'Eté, Baume de Flore or L'Eté fluids, as needed.


This is the most important step towards a pure and fresh skin tone, to be repeated day after day as a rejuvenating ritual.

Cleanse your face with Fantômette fluid to remove impurities, pollution and makeup.

Teenage acne : cleanse with Précis-e soap.

Adult acne, the use of a mask : skip the second step, stick to a gentle routine that calms the skin's swelling.

For all skin types : finish by applying the Virginale lotion tin order to calm, soothe and purify the skin.

Virginale organic face tonic lotion and Précise organic purifying soap - Douces Angevines
Douces Angevines organic face care

Once a week

Use Lumière for a very gentle exfoliation. To avoid the proliferation of bacteria in case of important acne, do not make circular movements. Tap the skin in order to gently release it from dead cells.

Blend one large teaspoon of powder in a small container. Dilute with 2 teaspoons of water or Virginal lotion. One squeeze of Fantômette will make the scrub more creamy

Wrap yourself in Opaline's purifying mask to deeply cleanse pores and soften the skin without drying it out. The combination of White Clay, Oatmeal, Sweet Orange and Elemi leaves the skin fresh and velvety.

Mix two teaspoons of Opaline powder, 3 teaspoons of water. Your mask is ready to be applied.

Herbalist's secret for a healthy skinnette avec les plantes

Drink regularly herbal teas of detoxifying plants to drain the liver (rosemary, wild pansy, burdock, dandelion...).

Apply a thick layer of Baume de Flore to your face as a detoxifying treatment. Leave on for about 20 minutes, then remove the excess with a tissue.

You can also apply Baume de Flore on the belly (stomach area, liver), the plexus and the chest (breathing), in order to support the physiological but also emotional detoxification.

In the evening, after the shower, massage your body with L'Amour aux trois Oranges to relieve the pressure that causes inflammation in the body and skin.

Do not hesitate to consult your naturopath for a healthy diet to improve your skin's condition.

Take care and treat yourself with love !

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How does Précise fluid work?

It purifies and restores mixed, oily, acneic skin or skin prone to pimples, blackheads and dilated pores. Its combination of plants and essential oils regulates the skin's sebum and cleanses the skin's natural ecosystem. Cajeput, sandalwood and tea tree provide their antibacterial action and free the skin from toxins. Hazelnut vegetable oil is known for its cleansing action and for freeing the skin from blackheads. Jojoba vegetable oil prevents skin dehydration, smoothes the dermis and matifies the complexion.

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Each beauty elixir is handcrafted in small amounts following the tradition of the "good herbalist women of medieval times".

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