Freyja's magic formula

Nourishing and protective shea butter.
Soothing and illuminating Raspberry oil, for a beautiful complexion in all seasons.
Garden macerations: Matricaria and Echinacea, with softening, soothing and regenerating properties.
A Benzoin macerate made by us, with healing and purifying action.
A fine synergy of essential oils of Roman Chamomile, Helichrysum, Petit grain, Vetiver, Ylang-ylang and Jasmine, for their anti-redness, protective and regenerating action.

Brighten up frosty days

Its luminous, floral and subtly fruity scent illuminates winter and cold days. Freyja is a comforting balm for the skin as well as for the hearts. Its benevolent scent brings light during the cold season.

How to use it ?

The Freyja balm can be used in the morning and/or evening with your favorite cosmetic fluid, or alone as a second-skin layer.
In the heart of winter, very dry, uncomfortable and sensitive skin will appreciate the Freyja and Flamenca duo.
For reactive skin: in duo with Eglantine for even more comfort.
Apply to the face after your cosmeto-fluid then gently massage the skin with a dab of Freyja balm.
Freyja can be used with all the range of our cosmetio-fluids to enhance all skin types with a dry or dehydrated tendency.

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Each beauty elixir is handcrafted in small amounts following the tradition of the "good herbalist women of medieval times".

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