L'Eté fluide précurseur solaire nourrissant visage et corps bio - Douces Angevines

Step 1: daily care rich in carotenoids

On sunny days, adopt l'Eté as a daily care for the face and the body. Rich in vitamin E and carotenoids, this fluid nourishes, prepares the skin for tanning and protects it from dehydration.

Use it on the face, instead of your daily skincare product, during the whole summer period. You can also use it alternately with your usual face fluid, a day out of two for example.

On the body, to prepare the skin for tanning and to give it a satin finish.

Step 2: a mask for a luminous complexion

Once a week, smooth the mask over your face Vénus for a complete care of the skin, simultaneously anti-oxidant, regenerating and protective. Urucum, with its slightly coppery hue, adds its illuminating action for a subtly sunny complexion.

Use it once a week during the change of seasons and every 15 days during the rest of the year.

Venus organic regenerating face mask - Douces Angevines
À l'Eau de Rose gommage visage douceur bio - Douces Angevines

Step 3: erase the dead cells to make your skin glow

It is essential to remove dead skin cells that dull and grey the complexion to allow the skin to glow beautifully. Exfoliation helps the skin breathe, remove impurities, restore a luminous complexion and refined skin texture.

Apply on the face “À l’Eau de Rose” once a week, or every 15 days if the skin is sensitive.

On the body, we delicately massage the powder “At jardin de Jasmine” pour exfolier les cellules mortes et redonner douceur et éclat à la peau.

Step 4: repair the skin after exposure

As soon as the first sunlight appears, the skin can become red and the first sunburns occur. The fluid "After The Sun"It refreshes the skin and helps it to repair. It prevents skin dehydration after sun exposure and prevents the "crocodile skin" effect. Rich in wild plant extracts, it enhances tanning and preserves the skin's youthfulness.

Use it preferably in the evening, as a night care throughout the sunny period or alternately with your usual night care (Nuit câline or Magnifica).

After the Sun organic face and body repairing fluid - Douces Angevines

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