Let your skin breathe

A secret of light, the scrub Au Jardin de Jasmine frees the skin from dead cells, stimulates microcirculation and tones the epidermis. This scrub softens the skin and restores its radiance. It also allows the skin care products to penetrate deeper and to be more effective. It helps to prolong the tan after the summer.

The gentle gesture: once a week, on damp skin, gently massage the scrub all over the body, insisting on the driest areas.

Extend Your Tan

Après les longues journées de soleil, la peau a tendance à se déshydrater. Le bronzage peut ternir. Pour prolonger l’éclat de la peau, After The Sunrefreshes, regenerates and nourishes the skin. Rich in wild plants and carotenoids, it preserves the skin's youthfulness and its beautiful summer glow.

The gentle gesture: in the evening, apply in delicate massages on the face and the body, insisting on the zones to rehydrate.

Preserving youth

To encourage skin regeneration, firmness and radiance, treat your body to an ancient goddess care with Olea Antica. Saturated with anti-oxidant, regenerative and toning plants, this precious fluid revitalizes your skin and makes it glow.

The gentle ritual: apply with a light massage all over the body, after showering.

Take care of the bust area

An alchemy of plants with firming properties, Baume de Diane nourishes and tones the breasts and neckline leaving them soft and velvety.

The gentle ritual: apply a few drops in gentle massages on the neck and chest, morning and/or evening.

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Each beauty elixir is handcrafted in small amounts following the tradition of the "good herbalist women of medieval times".

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