Maravilia fluidie divine day - Douces Angevines

Maravilla, Divine Day Fluid

Protective life cure

This vital fluid with 47 rare plants and flowers offers tired skin a real source of rejuvenation. It regenerates the skin and actively protects it from external aggressions and pollution (which accelerate the aging process). It stimulates the natural functions of the epidermis, making the skin more resistant, toned and even more beautiful.

Composition: Violet, Argan, Damask Rose, Ambrette, Frangipani…

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Magnifica, Divine Night Fluid

Regenerating life cure

Throughout the night, this fluid durably regenerates the skin by stimulating its self-repairing capacities. By diffusing an intense life flow in your cells, it restores their ideal rhythm of activity and naturally restrains the impact of time.

Composition : a unique alchemy of Rosehip, Damask Rose, Green Tea, Neroli, Myrrh...

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Magnifica fluid face divine night - Douces Angevines
Lia fluidie divine eye lip contour - Douces Angevines

Lia, eye and lip contour

Protects, regenerates

This evanescent fluid smoothes out eyelids caught by time, softens wrinkles and fine lines, satin-finishes the lips and smoothes their contour. Its revitalizing synergy of Helichrysum, Green Tea, Jasmine, Nigella, Damask Rose... revitalizes the eye contour, prevents dark circles and puffiness, nourishes and softens the lip area.

Its texture of a great delicacy makes it possible to make up after the application, without greasy effect.

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Each beauty elixir is handcrafted in small amounts following the tradition of the "good herbalist women of medieval times".

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