Timoustic, the fluid of summer nights

A deep and fresh scent which will sublimate your summer evenings but will make the mosquitoes disappointed! In addition to keeping them away, this lotion also soothes the itching sensations associated with bites.

How to use it :

  • Adults and children over 6 years old: Spray on exposed body parts (neck, wrists, legs, ankles) then rub gently to evenly spread the product.
  • Children from 3 years old: dilute this lotion in 2/3 chamomile hydrosol, or spray on bed sheets for peaceful nights.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women: spray only on laundry (no contact with baby's laundry)

Baume à bobos, the super comforting sore fluid

Perfect for kids and adults alike! This little fluid can be taken anywhere to soothe the bruises, bumps and little sores that often go along with the great adventures during vacation.

How to use it :

  • From 3 years old: apply a few drops on previously cleansed skin then rub in well
  • Young children (12 to 36 months): dilute a small amount of Bobos Balm with the same amount of pure hazelnut oil.
  • Repeat several times a day

Achille, the cool feet lotion

A fresh lotion that soothes, comforts and purifies feet after long days of hiking! Also ideal for refreshing and purifying feet damaged by the heat.

How to use it :

Morning and evening, spray on the toes and soles of the feet and rub in.

Summer and After the Sun, the companions of the sun

The summer duo to adopt all summer for a beautiful and nourished skin. Rich in regenerating and refreshing plants, these two products can replace your usual care routine during the vacations.

How to use it :

  • In the morning: apply a few drops of l'Eté on the face and body to prepare the skin for the sun. It prevents dehydration and stimulate the vitality of the skin. If you expose yourself to the sun, apply L'Eté under your organic sunscreen.
  • In the evening: wrap yourself inAprès le Soleil to soothe redness and minor sunburns, smooth the skin. It preserves the youthfulness of the epidermis and prolong the tan.
Au Bord de la Rivière organic solid shampoo - Douces Angevines

Au Bord de la Rivière, the solid shampoo for traveling 

With its fresh herbal scent, creamy foam and great smoothness, this shampoo-care product is suitable for all hair types. New! It will easily travel with you in its pretty waterproof bag.

How to use it :

On the scalp previously wet, rub the soap gently. A fine foam will appear. Massage then rinse.

The fairy's secret: You can also apply it to the whole body as a soap, it's handy on vacation !

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Each beauty elixir is handcrafted in small amounts following the tradition of the "good herbalist women of medieval times".

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lot de 3 savons de rasage et douche

Le lot de 3 savons de rasage et douche presque parfaits

Softness & Precision shaving soap

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Rose Prune gommage visage doux

Rose Prune

scrub powder

45 gr
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