picking roses in the garden


Bathed in light, the Roses enchant the air with their scents. As a true gift of the garden, we pick them up carefully with cheerful hearts.

We put our nose in among the baskets of roses and are immediately wrapped in the most wonderful fragrance. Fresh notes of pear and peach, red fruit aromas, smooth and velvety scents - each rose offers its own unique, complex perfume, a true source of harmony.

In the laboratory of herbalists

After the harvest, the laboratory is the place to be for plant alchemy. There is only one step from the garden to the workshop-laboratory, which guarantees a magical freshness in the transformation of the plants.

After a delicate drying process, the petals are bathed in a mixture of fine vegetable oils. Fresh fragrant petals are immersed in alcohol to obtain an extract that will be used in the composition of our perfumes. You will find some of the dried petals in the handfuls of herbs we use in our rituals at the beauty salon.

The precious life of each rose keeps going and changing. Slowly, the petals release their active ingredients and their magic in our glass jars.

picking roses

Plant alchemy on the skin

The roses continue their journey and share their benefits on the skin. You can find the roses of the garden in our body care products. Olea Antica, divine fluids Magnifica and MaraviliaThe rose essence adds its luminous vibrations to the perfumes Anima and iOS. You can find the rose maceration in the oil La Rose et le Prunier.

Through its evolution from the garden to your skin, the rose continues to enchant you. Can you hear it whispering its secrets?

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Each beauty elixir is handcrafted in small amounts following the tradition of the "good herbalist women of medieval times".

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Rose Prune gommage visage doux

Rose Prune

scrub powder

45 gr
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duo Baume visage onctueux nourrissant et baume à lèvres bio

Duo Freyja & Gioia

Duo Baume visage & Baume à lèvres

30 ml et 6 gr
30 ml et 6 gr 46,50 
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