The skin is an organ that is very exposed to external conditions: pollution, dust, and currently perspiration and irritation from the use of masks. A proper cleansing will help it eliminate toxins and regulate excess sebum.

Précis e purifying face soap is cold processed, which preserves the pureness and the virtues of its ingredients, and provides the skin with more softness. With its cleansing and regulating plant active ingredients, it removes impurities from the skin without damaging it.

Daily, gently soap the moistened skin of the face and neck, and rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Its secrets: Jojoba oil, which helps maintain the natural balance of sebaceous functions and nourishes the skin. A fine synergy of 100% organic essential oils with active ingredients recognized in the treatment of blemished skin, which brings a purifying and regenerating action to this product. To find out more...


Whatever its nature, the skin will appreciate a healthy and adapted food. This essential food will give it what it needs to manage its "worries" and preserve its beauty. As part of our anti-mask routine, we recommend a fluid that prolongs the purifying action of the face soap, while soothing and nourishing the skin.

The Precise fluid in targeted action: in local application on the zones to be treated, in case of blemishes or excess of sebum.

the Baume de Flore : as a cure of 1 bottle, applied to the entire face morning and evening, it will help the skin to cleanse itself by stimulating its elimination and “breathing” functions.

Tips : if you feel the need, also apply Baume de Flore on the stomach (stomach area, liver), plexus and chest (breathing), to support physiological but also emotional detoxification.

Precise organic face purifying fluid - Douces Angevines
Venus organic regenerating face mask - Douces Angevines


The application of a purifying mask every 10 days (every week for oily skin) will reinforce the cleansing of the skin: it will help to absorb excess sebum responsible for shiny skin, remove impurities and tighten the pores.

Use Opaline and a few drops of water to make an excellent detoxifying mask for all skin types in a few seconds. Softness and freshness guaranteed. Mix two teaspoons of Opaline powder, 3 teaspoons of water. Your ultra-fresh mask is ready to be applied.

Apply a thick layer of your mask to clean and dry skin, avoiding the eye area. Leave on for about 10 minutes (the mask should not be completely dry), then remove with pure water.

Your complexion is brightened, your skin is clean and radiant. Apply your day or night care.

The preparation of the mask is a ritual and a real time-break :

These few minutes are precious; a getaway, a privileged moment with yourself. By preparing your mask you can already feel its freshness and its benefits to be enjoyed. Thanks to these simple actions you connect to nature and its treasures: the very fine clay, the plant extracts, the water.

Take advantage of the time you are on the mask to take a real break: a few minutes may not seem long, but in reality it is a lot. In this intimate moment with yourself, breathe deeply and enjoy the action of the mask on your skin. Let's thank nature for its benefits and be grateful for taking care of yourself.

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Each beauty elixir is handcrafted in small amounts following the tradition of the "good herbalist women of medieval times".

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